Sustainable Finance Live: How can nature be made bankable?

Sustainable Finance Live: How can nature be made bankable?

How are different financial institutions approaching climate strategy and sustainable investment? The potential for sustainable investment was explored in the keynote presentation: How can nature be made bankable? by founder of ResponsibleRisk Richard Peers and CEO of sustainable investment company Mirova, Philippe Zaouati.

Hyaluronic Acid – The natural moisturizer vs aging

Dr. Brian Keller explains how aging occours in our body and how Hyaluronic Acid prevents our skin from aging.

QuSome® pioneer and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Brian Keller of Beverly Glen Laboratories strives to revolutionize and harmonize ancient and ethnic beauty rituals with clinically-proven Cosmeceuticals.

For more information on QuSome and b.glen Skincare, please visit https://www.bglen.us

Critical Importance of Sustainable Finance In Reaching Net-zero

Our most recent #ADSW Web Series episode, “Critical Importance of Sustainable Finance In Reaching Net-zero”, hosted experts from the financial sector.

They discussed the outcomes of COP26, new developments in project finance, and the role of capital in helping nations in the developing world reach their net-zero goals.

استضافت الندوة الماضية من سلسلة ندوات #أسبوع_أبوظبي_للاستدامة الرقمية تحت عنوان “أهمية التمويل المستدام في الوصول إلى الحياد المناخي” خبراء من القطاع المالي.

حيث ناقش المتحدثون نتائج مؤتمر “كوب 26” والتطورات الجديدة في تمويل المشاريع ودور رأس المال في مساعدة الدول النامية على الوصول إلى أهدافها لتحقيق الحياد المناخي

The Critical Role of Sustainable Finance | University of Cambridge

How will financial decisions change over the next few years, and why is this critical to business and the economy? Find out with David Blood, Guest Lecturer on the Sustainable Finance online short course from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

Learn to leverage the opportunities in sustainable finance. Explore new business models and sustainable initiatives such as impact investing, the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, and positive screening.

8 weeks, entirely online.

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Learn more about sustainability with CISL:

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The Role of Central Banks in Sustainable Finance

The Role of Central Banks in Sustainable Finance
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