M1 migrates to Thought Machine

M1 migrates to Thought Machine

Uk core banking vendor Thought Machine continues to make inroads in the US, signing SoftBank Vision-backed financial super app, M1, as its latest client.

The all new DMG MORI M1 – see it first on MTDCNC

Paul takes a look at the all new DMG MORI M1 machining centre available for just £54,000. Described by DMG MORI as a true entry level machining centre. Paul talks us through some of the features that come as standard for this price.

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Rethinking Webcast: What is cloud native, and how do we get there?

The cloud era has well and truly begun. Cloud computing offers numerous benefits: scalability, flexibility, availability, elasticity, and more. As banks move their operations to the cloud, a “lift and shift” approach will only offer limited benefits. Only those who plot a path to cloud native banking will build a sustainable system that fully realizes the potential of cloud.

DON’T get a M1 Mac for Programming | my 8 month take

Why wouldn’t you get a M1 Mac for software development? Here are just a few reasons.

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▶️ M1 Macs STILL don’t run these dev tools natively – https://youtu.be/Jjcri3vYods
▶️ Flutter vs React Native vs NativeScript on the M1 Mac – https://youtu.be/0NsUUca-m74
▶️ Apple M1 vs Intel Core i9 Xcode Build Test – https://youtu.be/dM_bP_8aPaU
▶️ Apple M1 and VSCode Performance – https://youtu.be/8JwFkmqvRMA

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Old to New M1 Mac – Data Transfer & Migration

In this video we’ll look at how to migrate and transfer all your data from an old Mac to a M1 Mac.
We’ll be transferring data from an Intel Based Macbook Pro to a M1 Macbook.
All you will need is a WiFi connection
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