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Credit Suisse and SocGen first up for Paxos Settlement Service

Credit Suisse and SocGen first up for Paxos Settlement Service

Post-trade blockchain startup Paxos has been given the go-ahead from the Securities and Exchange Commission to process transactions in the US equities market.

SG Cares – A Message From Our CEO Derron Sanders

“I don’t care about what you know, until I know what you care about,” – Theodore Roosevelt. It’s a favorite quote of SG Companies CEO Derron Sanders. Hear more about how SG Energy and SG Companies gives back to the community.

GS1 US – Platform for Interoperability Framework

Be prepared to engage in a lively conversation that will address:

– Overview of the GS1 Standards, specifically the EPCIS standard, a critical component to successfully exchange data under the DSCSA.
– The available resources such as the GS1 US Implementation Guideline: Applying GS1 Standards for DSCSA and Traceability.
– Lessons learned from the onboarding of Manufacturers; what was expected versus unexpected; what can be shared and leveraged with other trading partners as they prepare for DSCSA; what gaps still exist?
– What challenges are Wholesalers experiencing as they have a unique perspective of being in the middle of the supply chain.
– What communication is needed between Wholesalers/Distributors, Dispensers, and Solution Providers?
– Common questions on how Dispensers can meet the DSCSA 2023 requirements. Breakdown of communication needs, methods, and expectations.

Paxos Becomes the Third Federally Regulated ‘Crypto Bank’ | First Mover – CoinDesk TV

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Join us at the largest event in the emerging world of digital finance. Speakers include Ray Dalio, Caitling Long, Jamson Lopp, and more. May 24th -27th.
Paxos has received preliminary approval from the OCC to form a national trust bank, making it the third such “crypto bank” to be nationally regulated. Paxos’ General Counsel Dan Burstein joins “First Mover” to discuss what it means to become a crypto bank and if it will affect its partnership with PayPal. Plus, his thoughts on the tension between regulation and the anti-banking ideals of the crypto community.

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NBFCs CEOs Discussion: Electrifying Co-Lending

Synopsis: ​Several banks have entered into co-lending pacts with NBFCs, which are symbiotic relationships where banks can provide much of the capital and NBFCs the customer base. This session will brainstorm how banks and NBFCs can better leverage the respective comparative advantages in a collaborative effort.

Moderator: Amol Dethe, Editor, ETBFSI
Shachindra Nath, VC & MD, U GRO Capital
K V Srinivasan, ED and CEO, Profectus Capital
Vikrant Narang, Deputy CEO, Ambit Finvest
Mehernosh Tata, CEO, Edelweiss Retail Finance

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